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RJC1590 CNC Industrial Furnace



APPLICATIONS Suitable for continuous tempering, finalizing the design and drying of massive work pieces such as spring,roadspring,spring cushion,bearing,copper,standard element,vehicle fittings,arms fittings,metal work, metals products,enameled wire, welding electrode and carburized and hardened parts. PERFORMANCES AND FEATURES The continuous hot-blast tempering furnaces,also called belt conveyance type electric-controlled tempering furnace,adopts imported PID intelligent temperature controller and integral automatic control system and is able to as per technical requirements freely preset furnace temperature within 500℃ at control precision ±3℃. It is also equipped with a hot air agitator to reach a precise and even furnace temperature and render the tempered pieces reliable and high quality. The stainless steel mesh belt runs steadily,is infinitely adjustable and able to continuously and automatically operate and thus greatly enhances productivity and reduces labor intensity. It is novel in structure and uses full-fiber liner,which is characterized by fast temperature rise,low power consumption,high utillization ratio of heat and good energy-saving effects and after reaching constant-temperature,its power consumption is not above 50% of the rated power. It is simple, safe and reliable in operation, needs no sodium nitrite, and keeps ground clean and free of surroundings contamination. It has complete types and specifications and long service life, is easy in overhaul, and low in investment and its price is below 30% of imported similar products. It can meet technical requirements of heat aging treatment of various springs and chains and is the ideal heat treatment equipment.


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RJC1590 CNC Industrial Furnace

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