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Fully satisfy our customers

Company Profile

     We are a company specializing in the design, production of continuous hot-wind tempering furnaces, continuous protective atmosphere quenching furnaces,CNC spring end grinding machines, grinding wheels and dust collector.

     We possess the C.E certificate. Our products are sold to the United States, Canada, Europe, Argentina, South Korea, India, etc... and gains the deep confidence from our long-run customers in the sectors as springs, clips, spring cushion, screws, bearings, standard parts, hardware, chains, stamping parts, cast products of high chrome and high manganese, rollers.

     To “fully satisfy our customers” is our main principle since the foundation of the company and it will continue to be our principal motto for the next century. 


Contact Us

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Manager Zhang 13735477871
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Manager Zhai 18910062579(Overseas Marketing)

Phone: 0571-64641281

Fax: 0571-64641282
Address: No.9 Jiu Bao Road, Jiu Xian Street, TongLu County,HangZhou, Zhejiang

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