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2020 North China Spring and Spring Equipment Exhibition

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  • Time of issue:2019-04-24 14:50
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(Summary description)Organization unit: Sanli Electric Furnace (www.hzsanli.com) Global Spring Network (www.hqthw.com)
◆ Organizer: Hangzhou Juneng Exhibition Co., Ltd.
◆ Supporting media: Global Spring Network, Global Economic and Trade Information ...

2020 North China Spring and Spring Equipment Exhibition

(Summary description)Organization unit: Sanli Electric Furnace (www.hzsanli.com) Global Spring Network (www.hqthw.com)
◆ Organizer: Hangzhou Juneng Exhibition Co., Ltd.
◆ Supporting media: Global Spring Network, Global Economic and Trade Information ...

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  • Time of issue:2019-04-24 14:50
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Industrial Exposition in North China
Spring Technology Exchange, Spring and Spring Equipment Exhibition
Invitation card
◆ Organizational unit: Sanli Electric Furnace (www.hzsanli.com) Global Spring Network (www.hqthw.com)
◆ Organizer: Hangzhou Juneng Exhibition Co., Ltd.
◆ Supporting media: Global Spring Network, Global Economic and Trade Information, Three-Minute Spring World, Spring, China Parts Network, Real Search Network, QC Testing Instrument Network, Parts Network, Jinji Network, Cangzhou TV Station, Renqiu Radio and Television Hejian Radio and TV Station
◆ Exhibition location: Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition Hall, 88 Shanghai Road, Cangzhou, Hebei Province)
◆ Exhibition time: March 28-30, 2020
☆ The purpose of the meeting
    Market-oriented meetings, intelligent meetings, simplified meetings, use strength to do things, let the effect speak!
☆ Mission
    Let the more developed regions such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and some foreign advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment directly interface with the industries in North China! Let North China products be sold to domestic and foreign markets! Focus on promoting the development of regional economy and block economy!
☆ Exhibitors can enjoy the free publicity of the "China North China Industry Expo" official website and related materials last year!
Cangzhou-the most promising industrial market in China!
    Cangzhou, bordering the Bohai Sea in the east and Tianjin in the north, faces the Shandong Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula across the sea. It is an economic open zone determined by the State Council. It is 180 kilometers from Beijing, 100 kilometers from Tianjin, and 220 kilometers from Shijiazhuang and Jinan. One of the coastal open cities identified by the state is a well-known petrochemical base in the country and an important sea and land transportation hub in the north.
Counties under Cangzhou City:
● Cangzhou City: Plastic Bottle Production Base
● Napi County: China's hardware and electrical manufacturing base
● Huanghua City: the hometown of mold in northern China
● Xian County: Hometown of Fastener Casting in China
● Botou City: one of the three major foundry bases in China
● Renqiu City: China's three-wheeled motorcycle industry base
● Qing County: the national oil and gas pipeline manufacturing base, the important civilian steel production base in the Beijing-Tianjin area, and the largest electronic chassis supporting processing base in northern China
● Haixing County: China Oriental (Stainless Steel) Tableware City
● Dongguang County: Jiangbei Plastics First Township, China's Hometown of Carton Packaging Machinery
● Hejian City: China's wire and cable production base, national communication equipment production base
● Yanshan County: China Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Base
Cangzhou 300 km economic circle:
Tang Shan: the source of China's modern coal industry, the cradle of northern China's national industry, the cradle of China's cement industry, the cradle of China's locomotive industry
Shijiazhuang: the nation's largest pharmaceutical industry base and an important textile base
Xingtai: The largest recycled hard alloy production base in northern China, the hometown of China's bearings, China Glass City, one of the country's 50 key coal-producing counties (cities), the country's high-quality iron ore production area, and China's wire and cable hometown
Handan: Production base of metallurgy, electric power, coal, building materials, textiles, daily ceramics, and white goods
Langfang: China's green thermal insulation building material capital, China's fishing tackle town, the largest gas industrial zone in the north
Jinan: Equipment manufacturing base, comprehensive national high-tech industrial base
Texas: China Auto Parts Industry City
Baoding: China Electric Valley, the largest domestic coal chemical base, China's textile town
Tianjin: China ’s national central city, northern China economic center, Bohai Rim economic center, the world ’s most economically competitive city, and the best commercial city in mainland China
Beijing: China's political, cultural, scientific, educational and international exchange center, China's economic and financial decision-making and management center
◆ Exhibited Products
First, the machine tool
      Lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, sawing machines, broaching machines, punching machines, planing machines, slotting machines, plate rolling machines, forging machine tools, casting machine tools, industrial machine tools, gear processing machine tools, thread processing machine tools, machining centers, CNC machine tools, combined machine tools , CNC grinding machines, shears, bending, electric sparks, wire cutting, turning centers, CNC lathes, hammers, mechanical presses, shears, bending correction machines, automatic forging machines, surface treatment equipment, cutting and welding equipment, lasers Equipment, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC bending machine, ultrasonic processing machine, electric processing machine, laser processing machine, rapid prototyping equipment, industry-specific CNC machine, other machine tools
2. Plastic and plastic equipment
      Plastic, plastic molding production line, injection molding machine, blow molding machine, bottle blowing machine, vertical injection molding equipment, plastic foam sheet, pipe, profile, sheet, composite rubber, mixing, granulation production equipment, plastic welding machine , Plastic welding machine, gluing machine, sealing machine, cutting machine, vacuum blister forming machine, brush planting machine, plastic packaging machine, pad printing machine, screen printing machine, hot stamping machine, coding machine, heat shrink film machine, high Frequency heat sealing machine, metal hose machine, plastic mold opening, mixing equipment, mixer, feeder, dryer, crusher chiller, shaker, pelletizer, mold temperature control machine, heater, screw barrel , Testing and control instruments, surface treatment, lighting equipment, post-treatment equipment, plastic raw materials, plastic additives
3. Wire and metal forming equipment
      Cold pier wire, spring steel wire, stainless steel wire, alloy steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire, rod, etc .; molds, wires, rod processing equipment, wire drawing machines, straightening machines, heat treatment equipment, surface treatment equipment, chemical raw materials, etc. ; Auxiliary equipment, testing equipment, etc .; molds, stampings, punches, feeders, deep drawing equipment, bending equipment, leveling equipment, etc .; casting equipment, electrical processing equipment, welding equipment
Fourth, fasteners, springs, chains, bearings and equipment, materials
      Multi-station cold heading machine, heading machine, tooth profile forming equipment, combination machine, lathe and turning equipment, CNC lathe, press and stamping equipment, wire drawing equipment, heat treatment equipment, spring machine, spring grinding machine, spring testing machine, grinding wheel Dispenser and coating equipment, surface treatment equipment, argon arc welding machine, spot welding machine, automatic straight seam welding machine, grinding machine, vibration plate, slot milling machine, inkjet printer, cleaning equipment, polishing machine, sandblasting Machine, transmission device, air purification device, weighing / counting / packaging equipment
Five, heat treatment equipment and environmental protection equipment
      Medium frequency, high frequency induction heating furnace, trolley furnace, well furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, annealing furnace, normalizing furnace, blackening agent, quenching oil, shot blasting machine, cleaning machine
◆ Exhibition schedule
Exhibition time: March 28-30, 2020 (9: 00-17: 00)
Exhibition time: March 25-27, 2020 (9: 00-17: 00)
Time of withdrawal: 15: 00-3 April 1st, 2020
◆ Exhibition Cost
1. Standard booth: 6500 yuan / piece (3m × 3m)
      Standard booths include: exhibition space, three- or two-sided display panels, fascia board text production, two spotlights, a negotiating table, two chairs, including carpets, a 220V power outlet, and sanitation and security in public health areas.
Expenses incurred for other exhibits and services are at your own expense.
2. Indoor bare land: 550 yuan / square meter, starting from 36 square meters. The open space does not include any configuration, and the expenses of exhibition equipment, electricity and construction are at your own expense.
3. Three-phase power supply and gas supply shall be charged according to the exhibitor's declaration requirements.
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