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RJC420 Continuous Hot-wind Tempering Furnace



Applied to the continuous tempering, drying of all types of springs, spring washers, spring bars, copper products, shafts, chains, screw drivers, spare parts for automobiles and armaments, metal components, hardwares, enamelled wires, electric welding rod, carburized and quenched spare parts.

Performances And Features
•Equipped with PID intelligent temperature controller and integrated auto-control system, and the temperature can be set freely with a tolerance of ±3℃ under a 500 degrees hearth temperature environment. Installed with hot wind mixing device, and thus ensures the balanced and precise hearth temperature and the quality of the parts to be treated is highly guaranteed.   
•Smooth and stable auto running of stainless steel belt, stepless speed regulation and auto speed control allows the great increase of productivity and the decrease of labor intensity.
•Brand-new structure, with all-fiber furnace lining which allows the fast temperature hea